“I never thought that a cassette (remember those things), handed to me by my Dad back in ’79, of a band clad in all things leather and big hair, would end up being prevalent to my career. I also never thought that one day I’d be singing (screaming) the likes of ‘Seven Seas of Rhye’ to audiences in some of the largest theatres in the UK. I suppose this therefore serves as an apology to those audiences and of course to the band in question!!

Nine years prior to receiving that tape, the band in question was formed and although their success was not immediate, they did not have long to wait before the extraordinary talents of vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, bassist John Deacon, and drummer Roger Taylor became the extraordinary worldwide phenomena that is known as Queen.

Queen, who achieved significant recognition after their second album in 1974, were capitulated to stratospheric heights with their 1975 single ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’; cementing longevity rarely achieved these days. After 40 years the formidable talents of Freddie, Brian, John and Roger still resonate today, held in perpetuity on 62 singles, 15 studio albums, 6 live albums and 12 compilation albums selling millions and millions of copies worldwide, highlighting an insatiable hunger to celebrate true talent.

HOWEVER - who in their right mind thought that such a success would reappear in the guise of a musical? Comedian and author Ben Elton, in collaboration with Queen members Brain May and Roger Taylor and producers Phil McKintyre and Robert De Niro, yes I said Robert De Niro thought that it would work. The world was then taken by storm by the miracle that is, We Will Rock You."

We Will Rock You opened at the Dominion Theatre on May 14th 2002 and like the world’s longest running musical, Les Misérables, WWRY (as it’s also known) was panned by critics. Like Les Misérables the audience proved the critics wrong! Now in its tenth year, this story; set to the music of Queen tells the tale of a totalitarian future state where rock 'n roll is banned and has achieved international success with productions in Ireland, Australia, Canada, Russia, Spain, Japan, South Africa, Zürich, Vienna, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong, Great Britain, Italy, Holland, Sweden and Germany.

My association with We Will Rock You started in December 2010 playing the role of Commander Khashoggi and came about because of the gentlemen you see conducting tonight’s event, friend and collaborator, Mr Mike Dixon. Mike was the original Musical Supervisor of We Will Rock You, a position he retains today. The singers are friends from the UK and West End productions of WWRY; the orchestra is of course the world renowned Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the music, well, the music - it’s a kind of magic.

Welcome to a musical night of Queen!”

Written by Earl Carpenter

"The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the hits of Queen may seem like an unusual combination but they fit together fantastically...
Under the experienced baton of Mike Dixon, the 70 piece Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (led by James Clark), the cast and the band came together to create a kind of magic..."